Mediation of Criminal Offenses According to the Good Governance of the Village Headman


  • Phannakorn Sonwai Lecturer for the Bachelor of Public Administration Program Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University
  • khemika Thongrueang Lecturer in public and private sector management Nakhon Phanom University
  • Phattanaphong Tira Faculty of Arts and Sciences Nakhon Phanom University


Good Govemance, Mediation, Headman


Important principles related to the constitutional process under good governance are still valid and very important in Thai society today. and it is necessary to study them for clarification in order to apply them in order to lead to a right and fair reconciliation enforcing the law by taking into account the rights, liberties and justice of the people able to mediate with everyone without discrimination equality and equality There is a commitment to goodness, morality, transparency, internal and external audit. The disclosure of information is straightforward and the public can easily access information. Give people the opportunity to participate, acknowledge, offer opinions and make decisions in solving problems together. And have a sense of responsibility, social responsibility, rights and duties and the opinions of others for the best interest of the public under limited resources. and promoting legal assistance and knowledge to the public. and organize the government and other government work in the judicial process to be more efficient by allowing the public and professional organizations to participate in mediation to help the people under the principles of good governance and governance.






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