Creative Leadership: How to Develop Leaders in Order to Avoid A Vacuum in the Organization


  • Sunthorn Suwannaporn Kanchanaburi Sripaiboon Priest Colleges


Leadership, Creative Leadership, Leadership Development


Post globalization (Globalization) is changing rapidly. The new generation of leaders must know how to think. Analyze critically and come up with new ideas. Think new things, which is the origin of Creative Thinking. Formative Leadership Theory was developed by Ash and Persall. Based on of the belief that in an organization there may be several leaders who perform leadership roles in many different ways. Leadership roles are therefore not confined to executives only. But the duty of executives is to create learning opportunities for people in the organization. For these people to develop themselves into creative leaders (Productive Leaders). Therefore, in this article, the purpose of this article is to present the concept of creative leadership. What are the characteristics of a creative leader? Creative leaders with creativity. and how to develop creative leadership In order to prevent the interruption of management, namely, the method of development according to the concept of Truelove has presented a method for development. 1) Self-learning 2) Individual learning and 3) Group learning. As for Dessler's concept, there are 3 types of personnel development methods: 1) On-the-job development, 2) Non-operational methods, and 3) Special technical development. Wentling's concept, on the other hand, offers development methods: facilitator-based development, group discussions, demonstrations, readings, exercises and excursions. And the concept of Dubrin proposed a way to develop leadership as follows. self-introduction create self-discipline experiential education and consulting






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