Community Lifelong Learning Management to Create a Learning Community


  • Thiraphong Butsarakul independent academician


lifelong learning management, community, Building a learning community


Management of community lifelong learning It is an activity to promote the learning process by the community. in the manner of lifelong education management By using community resources such as local landscape problems local learning resources tradition for students to learn about the roots and way of life in the community can be applied in life for a better quality of life And building a learning community must make people in the community aware of the development of various areas or communities, pointing out directions for problem solving and area-based development. Emphasize collaboration and collaborative learning as tools of development. The development of the learning process in the community will enable the community to learn. and develop into "Learning Community" divided into 4 approaches for learning management, namely 1) lifelong learning management of the community for the elderly to create a learning community 2) lifelong learning management 3) Lifelong learning management to drive a learning society, and 4) Lifelong learning management to drive a learning community according to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.






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