A study of the concept of self-development to become a successfut artist: associate Professor dr.Supachai Chansuwan


  • Suchitra Phumpueng Program in Art Education, Faculty of Fine Arts Srinakharinwirot University
  • Piyawadee Makpa Department of Dance, Faculty of Fine Arts Srinakharinwirot University


Self-development, artist, success


This research article is part of a research on self-development of successful artists: Associate Professor Dr.Supachai Chan Suwan is intended to study the way of self-development to be a successful artist of the associate professor.Supachai Chan Suwan is a qualitative research, case study model. Focus on the conclusion of the self-development approach to successful artists. With scope, education, history, factors, principles, concepts of Associate Professor Dr.Supachai Chan Suwan and other successful artists By collecting information from interviews, inquiries, case studies And those involved who can provide information from their perspective on case studies Or other successful artists Let's organize the information system using self-development theory.Bandura's perception The ability of a person to develop comes from the 4 main factors and the theory of practice skills of Harrow. Researchers expect that the data system will make clear the process of the case study and can also be an additional guideline for those wishing to develop themselves.Being an artist Can use the information to make one way that helps in self-development Including courses that produce graduates for dance arts Research results can be used as guidelines for applying activities or support as a basis for students before allowing students to develop themselves.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)