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To authorize the copying, publication, reproduction or distribution of copyrighted works to be appeared in other printed materials or any online media, please write to for permission.</p> Unordnung und frühes Leid and the Transition of Thomas Mann’s Political Viewpoints <p>This article examines the short literary work <em>Unordnung und frühes Leid</em> (1926) by German noble Prize laureate Thomas Mann. The study shows that this work not only documents German everyday life affected by the inflation crisis at the beginning of the 1920s and informs the readers about the culture of “the new generation” in the Weimar Republic (1919-1933), but also reflects Thomas Mann’s change of political viewpoints from his support of the monarchy to a belief in democracy. This change is revealed through character development of the protagonist and the positive representation of “the new generation”.</p> <p> </p> Aratee Kaewsumrit Copyright (c) 2024 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2024-06-18 2024-06-18 46 1 1 18 Forced Online: An Exploratory Study of Language Teacher Identities During Emergency Remote Teaching from a Complex Dynamic Systems Theory Perspective <p>Developing our understanding of teachers and supporting them to be the teachers they want to be is not just beneficial for the wellbeing of teachers but also a fundamental<br />element to the learning process. Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) can dramatically change how teachers are required to teach and influences their lives in many ways. This study aimed to explore how the teacher identities of three teachers changed since becoming online teachers and what the circumstances and context was for these changes. Following three recorded online discussions data was collected in the form of transcribed discourse which was interested from a Complex Dynamic Systems Theory perspective. Changes in the roles teachers have been found since becoming online teachers that differed compared to face-to-face teaching. A broad range of influences were found to be significantly impacting the teacher identities of the participants from both inside and outside the teaching context. The study<br />found that changes in the teacher roles of the participants changed significantly, teacher roles may consequently result in more feasible teacher identities and that interaction with students and building rapport are key contextual aspects for these changing roles. The study suggests further use of complex dynamic systems theory for articulating and understanding teacher identities.</p> Robert Wood Copyright (c) 2024 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2024-06-18 2024-06-18 46 1 19 45 A Study of Instructional Practices Under Special Circumstances of Business English Communication Program at Sripatum University <p>Since 2020, Thailand has experienced unusual events, including the Covid-19 epidemic, PM2.5, floods, and political protests. Due to these circumstances, requests for online instruction, hybrid instruction, or the closing of schools have been made. However, learning English requires practice and interaction; thus, it has become difficult to fulfill those expectations. This article attempts to (1) examine the methods of instruction and problems on learning English under<br />special circumstances of Sripatum University students majoring in English for Business Communication and (2) examine the students’ perspectives on learning English under the special circumstances mentioned above. Through mixed methods analysis of data collected via a survey and a focus group, this research sheds light on the complex dynamics of English language instruction in certain situations.</p> Sutthicha Phetwira Piboon Sukvijit Barr Copyright (c) 2024 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2024-06-18 2024-06-18 46 1 46 63 The Horror Story Telling: Linguistic Strategies for The Construction of Horror in The Wednesdaynight Channel <p>This research article is aimed at analyzing language strategies used in creating horror from the “Wednesday Night” Show on YouTube. The data were collected from 10 horror stories from 42 episodes broadcasted from February, 13th 2022 to December, 31st 2022. The results indicate that the language strategies used to create horror can be divided into 2 features as follows: 1) language that helps build imagination such as detailed narration and specific word choices, and 2) language that enhances realism such as using references, conversations, and particular words and phrases. The distinctive features in creating horror found in this study are detailed narration<br />and using conversations.</p> Fatin Musor Pornpleng Chanthong Asree Kumcharoean Prommin Prapaipong Copyright (c) 2024 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2024-06-18 2024-06-18 46 1