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To authorize the copying, publication, reproduction or distribution of copyrighted works to be appeared in other printed materials or any online media, please write to for permission.</p> Korean Shamans in South Korean Entertainment Media <p>The purposes of this study were to explore the background, types as well as characteristics of Korean shamans, and to analyze the influence of the Korean shamans reflected in various entertainment media. The list of the media includes “TREASURE Web Drama”, “Goedam”, “Oh My Ghost”, “Zombie Detective”, “Tale of The Nine Tailed”, “The Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim”, “Man on the Edge”, “The 8th Night”, “SNL”, “Ask Me Anything”, “Ssap Possible”, “Story King Thriller Toon”, “God Joomin”, and “Changgwi”. Through appearances, characteristics, interactions with other characters in the media, and life experiences of the shamans, self-loss state, characteristics of shamans, and shamans’ costumes, places of living, as well as rituals were identified. Through shamanism, a related form of religious fanaticism was discovered.</p> Titiwat Angkula Kidakarn Kundetchitcharoen Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 The Concept of Patriarchy in South Korean Movies and TV Shows <p>The purpose of this research was to analyze the concept of patriarchy in South Korean movies and TV shows. The data were gathered from the two South Korean movies and the five TV shows. The two movies were Kim Ji young: Born 1982 and Samjin Company English Class. The five TV shows included Hymn of Death (2 episodes), 18 Again (16 episodes), SKY Castle (20 episodes), Strong Woman Do Bongsoon (16 episodes), and MY ID is Gangnam Beauty (16 episodes). They were aired through Netflix and Viu platforms. The findings revealed the reflection of patriarchy through gender discrimination, which could be found more frequently at 57.70 %, followed by gender stereotypes at 23.07 %. Exercising the patriarch’s power was found the least at 19.23 %. The findings reflect violent behaviors in contemporary South Korean society which could be a negative effect of the belief and value in patriarchy. </p> Titiwat Angkula Pusita Tantithampusit Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 Constructing a Glossary of Vietnamese Chronicles Using Modern Vietnamese Language <p>The Vietnamese chronicles have been very important for the study of Vietnamese history, especially to Thai historians or researchers. At present, many of the specific nouns found in Tianwan’s Vietnamese chronicles are distorted when compared to the same documents recorded in modern Vietnamese language (Chữ Quốc Ngữ). Such distortion in Thai and Vietnamese documents could be from the use of ancient Chinese-originated words which are no longer realized or the replacement by other words. As a result, many proper names, positions, places, and other nouns no longer match the Vietnamese current ones. It is necessary to collect the important common and proper nouns that appear in this version of the chronicles in Thai and construct a glossary of Vietnamese chronicles. 3,297 words were collected. It was found that most of the common and proper nouns in the chronicles are Vietnamese words, transliterated into Thai from the Vietnamese Southern accent. Repeated words, which have the same meaning, are spelled differently. A person's name has several versions, which could be called by rank, position, or job title. The terms that refer to contemporary places are mostly transliterated from Chinese. The glossary was categorized and sorted by consonants from /gor-gai/ to /ho-nok-huk/ (the Thai alphabet consequence), was matched with the same indication of the nouns in Vietnamese, and finally transliterated back into Thai.</p> Chiem Thi Nguyen Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 Self-Control Process: A Case Study of Juvenile Nonrecidivists under Bangkok Probation Office 11 (The Central Juvenile and Family Court) <p>This research is qualitative in nature. Its purpose was to explore the self-control process of juvenile non-recidivists. The research methodology involved in-depth semi-structured interviews with key informants. The key informants included 6 male and 2 female juveniles who were offenders but not recidivists and whose age at the time of committing the offense was between 15-18 years. Another inclusive criterion for the key informants was that they received the court’s judgment or an order for the child or youth to attend training in the Youth Training Center under Bangkok Probation Office11 without a record of recidivism after being released for more than 1 year. With the content-based analysis, research tool validation, and triangulation technique, the findings revealed that the self-control process consists of three steps: (1) dealing with tempting situations to avoid offending, (2) avoidance to offending, and (3) behavior change. The findings shed some light on more effective and appropriate counseling for juveniles.</p> Tussanee Heimwatthakit Napattararat Napattararat Chaiakkarakan Supat Sanjamsai Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 Presentation of the Modal Verbs in the German Textbook “Netzwerk neu A1”: Recommendations for Teaching Modal Verbs to Thai Learners <p>The aims of this article were to analyze how modal verbs are presented in the German textbook "Netzwerk neu" for Thai learners of A1 level and to suggest some teaching methods for such modal verbs to Thai learners of A1 level. Six modal verbs are presented in the textbook by their frequency of occurrence in everyday situations. The six modal verbs include können, müssen, wollen, mögen, sollen, and dürfen. The meanings and uses of each modal verb are conveyed through the presentation of different contexts of communication in daily life, in the forms of reading texts and dialogues. The learners notice the meaning and use of each modal verb themselves without explicit grammatical explanation through different exercises in the textbook. In order to use the textbook successfully, instructors should recognize such an approach on which this textbook is designed together with the specific characteristics of Thai learners with English as their first foreign language. The two important points could be a great supplement toward an effective approach for teaching German modal verbs to the Thai Learners of A1 level.</p> Worapong Charoengongit Unyamanee Unyamanee Chumpong Apinphorn Rerg-a-nun Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 Workplace Heterosexist Discrimination, Workplace Sexual Identity Management Strategies and Job satisfaction of LGB Employees <p>This study aimed to examine the relationship between heterosexist discrimination in the workplace and job satisfaction of LGB employees based on the mediating roles of the four types of workplace sexual identity management strategies. The strategies included Passing (PA), Covering (CO), Implicitly Out (IO), and Explicitly Out (EO). This research used a quantitative research methodology. The data was collected through an online test from 200 employees with gender diversity in three groups: gay men, lesbians, and bisexual employees. The results showed that workplace heterosexist discrimination was negatively related to job satisfaction among these LGB employees. The findings indicated that (1) the job satisfaction of LGB employees who are perceived as highly heterosexist in the workplace would be decreased and (2) workplace sexual identity management strategies of PA, CO, IO, and EO significantly mediated the effect of workplace heterosexist discrimination on job satisfaction. It means that such strategies influence the relationship between heterosexual discrimination in the workplace and the work satisfaction of LGB employees.</p> Natchanick Cheowcharn Witsinee Bovornusvakool Juthatip Wiwattanapantuwong Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 A Correlation between EFL Students’ Vocabulary Knowledge and Reading Comprehension Ability <p>The present study aimed to examine the vocabulary knowledge of the first-year undergraduate students at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL) Phitsanulok and the correlation between the students’ vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension ability. The participants were 49 first-year undergraduate students at RMUTL Phitsanulok, who enrolled in a foundation English course entitled GEBLC 102 English for Life Skills. The research instruments were the Vocabulary Level Tests and the researcher-constructed reading comprehension test. Descriptive statistics were employed for data analyses. Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used to find the correlation between the students’ vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension ability. The results revealed that the participants did not have sufficient vocabulary knowledge as expected. A correlation between the two variables was also statistically significant at the 0.05 level. EFL teachers are suggested to implement various methods to enhance newly-enrolled undergraduate students’ vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension, such as organization of a vocabulary-based and reading-based preparatory course at the beginning of the semester and implementation of extensive reading throughout the academic year.</p> Unaree Taladngoen Tonghathai Thong-ngamkham Naruporn Palawatwichai Sirithon Kaewseesuk Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 Radical Enactivism and the Explanatory Gap <p>This article aims to critique the argument of radical enactivism in dealing with problem of ‘the explanatory gap’which is a controversial issue in philosophy of mind’s Physicalism. This problematic ‘gap’ is the gap between knowledge of physical facts and knowledge of phenomenal facts. Radical enactivism proposes a solution to this problem by arguing that, in fact, the physical facts of the interaction pattern between the cognitive system and the environment have the same identity as the physical facts. The author criticizes that the proposed argument is deficient. It is because the solution only addresses the explanatory gap in the qualitative aspect of the sensory experience. However, it cannot close the gap concerning the explanation of how an agent’s sensory experiences originated.</p> Pongsiri Sriwantana Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 Gothic, Gender, and Power in Charlotte Brontë’s Villette <p>This article focuses on gender power dynamics in relation to Gothic elements found in Charlotte Brontë’s <em>Villette.</em> The intricate and shifting dynamic relationship of Gothic elements, gender, and power in <em>Villette</em> underlie what might be seen as sexual oppression. According to Craig (2012), different perspectives on Victorian culture which found in Gothic novels could reflect some cultures of oppression, such as the image of women as the inferior sex. Some people might see Gothic literature as depicting women’s oppression in a patriarchal society. However, this article sees it as a productive way of deconstructing gender power structure on the intersections of Gothic elements, gender, and power.</p> Tanrada Lertlaksanaporn Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2 National Language Policy and English Language Teaching Practice in Thailand: English as the Language of Commerce <p>This paper examines national language policy (NLP) and English Language Teaching (ELT) practices in Thailand, with a particular focus on English for commerce. The study highlights the link between NLP and ELT in the Thai case and identifies key constraints of ELT that indirectly led to the policy's partially successful outcomes before highlighting an alternative approach to overcome these challenges. The Thai National Language Policy plan was launched in 2006. English is adopted as a language of commerce to support the NLP’s goal in strengthening economic development. However, though awareness of the importance of ELT has increased, results in English proficiency are still unsatisfactory. This article argues that Thailand's NLP has raised awareness of English as an International Language (EIL) and medium of communication. Unfortunately, teaching practices and assessments in Thailand have remained important. This article proposes that the combination of EIL and intercultural communicative competence concept (ICC) is an alternative framework for addressing constraints in ELT and enhancing the effectiveness of English for commerce policy. To support this argument, this article highlights the status of English before addressing the critical challenges with ELT. Finally, this paper reiterates that the complementary relationship between EIL and ICC is an alternative option for directly addressing ELT’s challenges, indirectly enhancing NLP’s purpose of using English as the language of commerce for economic development at local and international levels in this borderless global community.</p> Phohnthip Smithsarakarn Copyright (c) 2022 Manutsat Paritat: Journal of Humanities 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 44 2