Approach of Model Public Health Promotion of Buddhist Monk in Northeastern Thailand

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Phramaha Prateep Saññamo (Phromsith)
Sowit Bamrungphak
Phramaha Daosayam Vajirapañño


The objectives of this research were : 1) to study the concept, Principles to Promote the public Health in Buddhism, 2) to study the Role of public Health of Buddhist monks in the northeast 3) to study the approach to Promote the public Health of Buddhist monks in the northeast. The methodology was the qualitative research and collecting data from documents and 22 key informants by in-depth-interview with structured in-depth-interview script. Data were also collected from 11 participants in focus group discussion, analyzing data by descriptive interpretation.

The Findings of Research were as follows : The concept and Principles for promoting public health in Buddhism, there are two ways of disease in human being i.e. physical and mental diseases. Physical diseases treated by applying medicine, but mental diseases treated by Dhamma Doctrinces i.e. tranquility development and insight development. To consider all things in according to the three Characteristics.

The role of Buddhist monks in the northeast Thailand about the public Health. There were the role of the giver by donation for constructing the buildings medical equipment for example, Most ven. Boonpeng Kappako Wat pavivek dhamma khon kaen, Most ven. Khoon Parisuddho Wat Banrai Nakhon Ratchasima. The role of the doers, for example, Ven. Paponpat of Wat khampramong, Sakon Nakhon who made Arokayasala for treatment the patients. Ven. Phrakru Bhavanabodhikun of Wat Pho, Nonthan Khon kaen created area in the temple for patients treatment by using herbal medicines, massage and meditation practice.

The approach to Promote the public Health of Buddhist monks in the northeast some Buddhist monks had perfections, they persuaded Buddhist people to donate for making hospital buildings, medical equipment etc. the others monks will Promote the public Health in their temple by applying herbal medicines and massage including application Buddha doctrines for improving in patients treatment.



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