Meaning "Democracy" with Democratic Constitutional Court

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Phramaha Thainoi Yanamethi
Phra Silasak Sunato


Democracy is a long regime since ancient Greece and has evolved in many Democracy is a long regime since ancient Greece and has evolved in many countries around the world until now. This democratic rule is a form of government that most people consider to be. Good governance and the best in the world today.  Thailand is a democratic country and the constitution is the highest law in the country. So the content of the Thai Constitution must be democratic, by writing the principles of such a principle. To maintain the highest legal status of the constitution requires an organization.  So when considering the content of democracy in the Constitution, the Constitutional Court as the protector of the Constitution is the protector of democratic principles in Thailand. Therefore, the study of the meaning of democracy as defined by scholars and the meaning of democracy through the ruling of the Constitutional Court is very necessary to understand the meaning of democracy as a whole. Development of democracy in Thailand in the future.


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