Community Management for Sustainability

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Juramanee Kaewponthong
Songphon Chotikavatchagul
Panya Klaydesh
Phra Soontorn Chamkorm


The development in the United States several decades ago. Continue to focus on the development of people is always the main priority. This article presents the
concepts and theories. Affecting the development of rural communities to have a stronger and more sustainable. The community can stand by itself and remain volatile amid the economic crisis. Amid the transition from the era of globalization into the
information age. The community is the people, the stronger and more sustainable.
The authors synthesized the There are important reasons are four ways to make the community is a strong community and still stands: 1) community must love ourselves and all people need to engage in critical thinking, reasoning, when the community faced two). whether central or local government must provide support to the community
3) Organizations will need to assist the private sector in the CSR and 4) social institutions, whether NGOs. Educational / academic, religious institutions and the media, these are all necessary for Cheryl lived in the community for a strong and sustainable community.


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