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Diloke Boonim


Buddhist mantra the Buddha's teachings come from the Holy Scriptures. Buddhist mantra the Buddha's teachings come from the Holy Scriptures. The chanting Buddhist mantras are intended to preserve the religion and was later developed into a Chants to prevent harm, which called. "The paritta chanting" Buddhist mantra chants used up until now. Started around the year 1698 by monks from Thailand go to study the Book of Discipline in Lanka already has precedent from Lanka.

Buddhist Thailand most are believe in Buddhist mantra in the form of black magic ritual. By the operators in the ceremony has brought the paritta partially, convert is the spell for use in rituals. Impact from Faith, on the positive side, Buddhist Thailand happy, Negative side, Buddhist Thailand usually lost superstition, by understand that, Superstition is part of Buddhism. so anyway, Faith in Buddhist mantra aforementioned, It is an incentive give Thai Buddhists Behave self in a moral framework as well.



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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)
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Diloke Boonim, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Lampang Monasfic college

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