The Duty of Parents in the Views of Theravada Buddhist Philosophy

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Phra Narin Silatacho
Jaras Leeka
Phra Sombat Thitayano
Panya Sattra


The Duty of parents in the views of Theravada Buddhist Philosophy, are divided the performance of parents duty into three periods: 1) Society of agricultural period after the Buddha period 2) Industrial period and 3) Information period or present time. The Duty of giving birth of parents in Buddha period until after the Buddha period, The parents played very important duty of giving birth because it was the time of well
developed morality and tradition and parents were intimate each other that why they gave birth of both body and mind. The giving the birth of parents have changed ways to be along with social changing that focusing on the development of the materials rather than the mind. When there are new-mixed culture and tradition, it makes the good and important tradition of Thailand are decreased that make roles of parents in the two periods loose duty and disappear at the end.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)