Effective Products Value Increasing of Reed Product Community Enterprise Group in Region of Central Northeast Part

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Tanapun Thongproyai
Kanokon Boonmee


The objectives of this study were : 1) to study the production conditions of reed products 2) to analyze the factors influencing effective value increasing of reed products and 3) to present effective value increasing model of Reed Products of the Community Enterprise Group (RPCEG) in region of central Northeastern part. The data used in this research were collected from 713 questionnaires of producers and customers, 100% of random sample. The statistics used in this research included percentage, mean, standard deviation and component analysis.

         The research results were found that: 1) The operation level of Reed Products of the Community Enterprise Group in region of central Northeastern part, on a whole in all three aspects was rated at a high level compared with the set hypothesis, namely product management, effectiveness of community enterprise administration and market mixed factors management. 2) There were 18 factors as key components that influenced value increasing of RPCEG (factor score = 0.302-0.344), the top three factors were as follows: annual participation, staff’s good personality, politeness and 3) The model of reed product value increasing was INCREASE 5P which consisted of 12 factors namely : 1) Quality Inspection. 2) Community Enterprise Site. 3) Retail and Wholesale. 4) Estimate Cost. 5) All Channel are equal. 6) Style. 7) Electronic Media. 8) Purchasing System. 9) Procurement Resources. 10) Process and Operations. 11) Price : Member Price and 12) Place: In Department Store.


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