The Nature of Abbhantarañāṇa

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Ven. Ratanak Keo
Phrakhru Bhavanabodhikun
Suwin Thongpan


The purpose of study is to analyze the nature of abbhantarañāṇa in the context of knowledge. It intends to study the knowledge related to the perspectives of Buddhist canonical texts, scholars and philosophical thinkers.
This paper analyzes the nature of abbhantarañāṇa (intuition) focusing on the definition, meaning, nature and characteristics of abbhantarañāṇa. According to the analytical result abbhantarañāṇa is a faculty of the mind: immediate knowledge putting the term knowledge beyond the mental process of conscious thought. In the perspective of Buddhism it is deemed a mental state between the universal mind and one's individual mind. It is the first state of enlightenment, direct innovation or immediate knowledge without technique and it exists secretly.
Otherwise abbhantarañāṇa is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof and understanding and it is “inner knowledge, intelligence, insight, the ability to know or understand without rational interference, interrogation, or experiment. On the other hand, it is the first stage of enlightenment without technique and cause and it arises mysteriously. The arising of abbhantarañāṇa is the nature of related process of intuitive nature itself with arising new knowledge, special knowledge and inner insight. When it appears it is very important to remember and take note due to this kind of knowledge can give benefits for life.


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