Meritorious Performance Behaviors of Thai Buddhist in the Current Society

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Aleena Leeanasaksiri
Sowit Bamrungphak


The aim of this paper is to analyze the behaviors in the meritorious performance of Thai Buddhists in the current society. It can be seen that Thai people often make merit by expecting the reward through participating in the activities such as purchasing an amulets; releasing fish; offering the requisite to the Sangha. It is very understood that making merit with these activities will be made to receive the rewards of the objects, fortune, success, as well as wishes. This is due to the behaviors influenced by the belief of the others with a lack of proper understanding in Buddhist principles, causing the meritorious performances full of greed in today's society. Buddhists should rely on the Triple Gem as a refuge and follow the principle of the three bases of meritorious action (puññakiriyā-vatthu): generosity, precepts, mindfulness and even the ten bases of meritorious action. This results in proper comprehension on the principles of meritorious performance and its results.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)