The Study of Phu Thai Dialect in Nangua and Guidelines for Teaching and Learning Management for Inheritance and Conservation for upper Secondary School

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Yotsakorn Sittisakpaiboon


The purposes of this research were 1) To study Phu Thai dialect in Nangua region, Nawa district, Nakhon Phanom province on a phoneme system, words system, sentence system and meaning system. 2) To study the way for learning and teaching Phu Thai dialect in Nangua region to inherit and conserve Phu Thai dialect in Nangua region. The data were collected and analysed by field methods in linguistics methodology and interview of 30 data informants in Nangua region. The data about learning and teaching management Phu Thai dialect were collected from the stake holder in learning management and the expert in learning and teaching management and curriculum.    
The results of this study were found in the following:
1. The Data base of Phu Thai dialect at Nangua region as follows : The phoneme system : there are 20 consonant phoneme as /p, t,c,k, ?, ph, th, kh, b,d, m, n,ø, N, l, f, s, j, h, w/.There are 18 vowel phoneme that can be divided into 9 short vowels and 9 long vowels. There are 5 tone levels. The sentence system is divided into 3 types: simple sentence, compound sentence and complex sentence. The meaning system is divided into 2 types: denotation meaning and connotation meaning.
2. The result of this study for learning and teaching guidelines for inheritance and conservation of Phu Thai dialect at Nangua region is : From the stake holder meeting and interview the expert in curriculum, learning and teaching management they suggested 2 ways for inheritance and conservation this dialect : 1) To generate the policy for teaching and learning management Phu Thai dialect in Nangua region 2) To generate the curriculum of Phu Thai dialect in Nangua region for students in high school.


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