Administration Strategies Development for The Students Learning Achievement Improvement of Schools in KhonKaen Primary Educational Service Area 1

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Sayan Phanoi


The purposes of this study were (1) to develop administration strategies for the improvement of student learning achievement (2) to evaluate the efficiency of the administration strategies. The sample consisted of 50 schools under the Office of KhonKaen Educational Service Area 1 in 2015 academic year, obtained by purposive sampling method. The methodology was research and development . Data collected by the researcher and staff through field notes and five-scale rating questionnaires. The qualitative data were analyzed by using content analysis and the quantitative data by frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation.
The results of the study were as follow:
1. The developed administration strategies for the improvement of student learning achievement composed of 5 strategies. The five strategies composed of awareness building, promoting participation, learning innovation, reflective coaching and follow-up monitoring.
2. The strategies efficiency evaluation
2.1 As for the evaluation by using D.L.Stufflebeam’ s technique, the efficiency of the strategies, on the whole, was rated highest.
2.2 As for the O-NET scores of Prathom 6 students of the sample schools averaged at 46.16, that was considered higher than the national average.
2.3 As for the satisfaction of stakeholders, on the whole, it was found at the highest level.
2.4 Regarding the public hearing, it was found that all the five strategies were appropriate, significant, and successful.


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