Organization Culture of Private Schools

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Ekkarach Kositpimanvach
Pa Agsonsue


There were 5 objectives of this academic article being presented the organizational culture of private school by the researcher including:  1) the culture aimed to organizational culture, 2) cultural change, 3) cooperative culture, 4) cultural transfer, and 5) cultural sharing.  The author of this article analyzed it from the approach, rationale, theory, and research literature of the educators and academics by considering both of significance and congruence with organizational cultural context of private school, stakeholders’ behavior to be developed, improved, and changed until the best conducts were obtained and ready for maintenance, the development of strong and trustworthy team work, leading the school to accomplish goal efficiently to be successful and recognized, being courage for changing, adjusting oneself for new things, adapting the pattern to be flexible, being courage for thinking, doing, and changing, reducing the steps in work practice to be flexible, developing work creatively, adapting for being congruent with situation, they staffs cooperated in working with unity, recognized and respected aa a part of team, provided confidence, faith, and motive being ready to maintain in order to transfer for descendants further.  The staffs shared knowledge and search for alternatives, developed reliance and trust.  As a result, the school culture was developed. 


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