Developmental Approach and Promote Community Enterprise District Lum Lam Chi Amphoe Ban Khwao Chaiyaphum Province

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Suphawit Rompaen
Satsin Lamaisri
Chukiat Phalaphon


This research aims to study the development and promotion of community enterprises in Lum Lam, Tambon Ban Khwao. Chaiyaphum Province Qualitative design is a contextual analysis. And descriptive analysis. The purposive sampling group is a member of the community enterprise group. And a community enterprise committee. How to collect data In-depth interviews were used as an individual tool to collect data using interviewing tools.
The research found that: Guidelines for the Development and Enhancement of the Effectiveness of Community Enterprises in Lum Lam District, Ban Khwao District Chaiyaphum Province consists of 1) proactive strategy approach. By developing productive potential and raising product quality standards nationally and internationally. 2) Development strategy. By empowering community enterprise management.Supporting the budget and personnel for community enterprise development. 3) Strategic approach. Community Product Quality Improvement Raise the standard of production. This is a great way to build a strong and self-reliant community enterprise. And the development of community enterprises. Government agencies are important units of community enterprise development. In the field of education.Development of skills. Marketing support And regulations. To support community enterprises.


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