Death: Truth, Value and Benefits Through Buddhist View

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Phrakru Phasukwiharadham (Thanumhat)
Prayoon Saengsai


Man and animals who were born as a male or a female in different classes have to face death. This faced condition was true although all lives dislike to face it. This truth cannot be denied because death is the life's truth that everyone in the world is under the power of death. Contemplation on death helps us to be free from carelessness. When it is done continuously, it makes mind free from the flight towards death because the death is estimated and nobody knows that it will change our situations. This truth of life follows the law of Three Characteristics: arising in beginning, change in the middle and disintegration at the end. The most impotence is that we must be careful in life, prepare all things before death, and make more goodness in the present. When we are recollected continuously, we will be more peaceful. This contemplation on death is called "Maranassati". A person who has contemplated on death for a long time is free from the flight of death. He dare face death without attraction to things.


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