Community Enterprise Movement to Become Social Enterprise in Nongruea District, KhonKaen Province

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Nimitr Bunpeng
Chomphunat Chomphuphan
Cherdkiat Kulabutr
Saowapa Sukprasert


These object of the research were 1) to seek the strategy for driving a community enterprise into a social enterprise, and 2) to evaluate for driving a community enterprise into a social enterprise. Using the research with the qualitative data were collected by interview, issues for workshop with SWOT of 60 people, and quantitative data were collected by questionnaire samples were 120 people. The data were analyzed by content, mean and standard deviation.
The research found that:
1. A strategy for driving a community enterprise into a social enterprise by five characters of social enterprises were 1) the social and environmental goals were the strategies for promoting the employment of the elderly, the underprivileged and the disabled, the access to health food and alternative energy, the people's learning in the community and the systematic waste management. 2) The financial sustainability was the strategies for production distribution market development, innovation development and development of funding sources. 3) The social and environmental friendly production processes were the strategies for the management compensation and benefits fairly, the promoting the learning of employees and members, the reduction the using of chemicals, the promotion of alternative crops, the conservation of vegetation and animals and the promotion of waste management was a properly polluted waste. 4) The goals of returning profits back into society were the strategies for the donation, the public service activities and the leisure activities. And 5) the good governance management was the strategies for the giving members to checking friendly, the detailed explanation to the cooperative and the promotion for members to know the rules, responsibility and using resources worthily.
2. The result of the community enterprise movement for being social enterprise was in the moderate level by overview ( gif.latex?\bar{x} = 3.27, S.D. =  .14).


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