Motivation in Buddhism and Volunteer Spirit Working

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Phra Saengjun Thitasarro
Phramaha Mitra Thitapanyo


Motivation in human action is caused by craving or desire. It is divided into two categories. First, the good motivation which want to know the truth, to do good things that should be promoted to think properly for the appropriate motivation. The another is bad motivation which so causes problems for themselves and useless to the public that should find the way to relieve and control not to happen again. The volunteer spirit working is to work voluntarily. The results are advantages for the others and community not for themselves. Volunteers work by their soul happily and the achievement is their desired result. The various difficulties and obstacles are considered learning; an opportunity to practice self-development reduces selfishness. The motivation in Buddhism and volunteer spirit working, in the right way must be motivated to be beneficial and happiness. They work for the other and society with pure spirit without selfishness.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)