The way of Life of the Buddhist monks in the Present Society The life of the monk in current society.

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Phra Weerachat Dhirasiddho (Pengjam)
Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo


This article aims to present the life of the Buddhist monks in the present society. But under the Vinaya also must be under the Constitution act of clergy and laws in the house the city of various situations. And its impact on society of current that is notable. The law in force in the purity of justice. Appropriate to the living status of Buddhist monks? Why the law is not conducive to the work and life of monks, it happens. The advantages of using the clergy in life of monks currently is in the nowadays punishment a cataract, in accordance with the law. In the past, found that the punishment of offenders the monks process and content effectively. Unlike the current process inefficient. The force of the contents of the punishment is very light to monks who committed no was feared. The disadvantages of using Sangha act negatively affect the life style of Buddhist monks in the present, namely when used to enforce. With the problems arising from the content of the law hurt innocent monks and enforcement of some legal issues have caused. What obstacles in the propagation of Buddhism. And living status of the Buddhist monks, which may affect the stability of the Buddhism in the future.


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