The Development Curriculum for Sixth Grade Science Teachers in Learning Management Based on Education 4.0

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Saowarose Pholkhot
Montree Wongsaphan


The purposes of this research were to develop the curriculum for sixth grade
science teachers to enhance learning management. Based on the concept of education 4.0, the research has 2 phases. Phase1: The basic information is divided into three steps. 1) To study documents related texts and research. 2) To study the basic information and needs for teacher development in learning management based on the concept of the education 4.0 model using questionnaire. 3) To study the opinions of 10 experts about education 4.0 curriculum development and the development of science teachers. Phase 2: There are three steps to create a curriculum. 1) Curriculum development. 2) Assessment of the suitability and feasibility of the curriculum. 5 experts, tools used for evaluation, and feasibility 3) curriculum improvement before implementation try out.
The research found that: the study of basic information leads to the development of teachers who focus on learning from practice. Introduce the concept of the education 4.0 design teaching. Teaching operations and the exchange of learning. There are 6 components of the curriculum development, course objectives course content teacher development process course materials measurement and evaluation. The teacher development process consists of 7 units: Unit 1 : Learning Management Science 4.0, Unit 2 : Science Learning Design 4.0, Unit 3 : Medias and Innovation Learning Management System 4.0, Unit 4 : Measurement and Evaluation 4.0, Unit 5 : Teaching Operations, Unit 6: Supervision, Unit 7: Lesson Learned. Whereas the activities for developing teachers was based on Workshop, Practice Learning, Mentoring, Supervision, Reflection and Lesson Learner, which is a very suitable teacher development curriculum. And consistent in every item.


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