Driven Health System the Buddhist Community Health Advocate Nong Ta kai Subdistrict Pho Chai District Roi Et Province

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Phra Sophonpahatthanabundit
Thawalrat Daengharn
Phra Prasertsak Ratanayano


This research aims: 1) to study the contexts of the community; 2) to create the Buddhist Community Health Charter in Nong Ta Kai sub-district; 3) to drive the process and determine the policies for the health management according to the Buddhist Community Health Charter in Nong Ta Kai sub-district; 4) to evaluate the driving operation and satisfaction of the people towards the Buddhist Community Health Charter in Nong Ta Kai sub-district. It is a participatory operation research.
The research result: was the context of the community in Nong Ta Kai sub-district which had a history of over 100 years. It was a social capital which was molded by Buddhism. Due to the effects of globalization the lives of the people changed-people have to go to various places to earn a living resulting in children and the elderly leaving to take care of themselves. The communication of the people with in the community has decreased. Giving rise to complex social problems and subsequent health problems in order to solve these problems is social measures to be taken, academic and legal measures of the public sector is enhanced by using the process of participatory problem-solving. It should strengthen the way of life, tradition and culture towards the Buddhist community in applying to solve problems and raise the level of public policy or social measures in the form of a district statute called “The Buddhist Community Health Charter, Nong ta kai sub-district” with the philosophy and concept that “strong community with volunteer spirit based on the five precepts about development according to the principle of sufficiency economy”. When approved by the public and announced, then implemented in the form of a committee that is a network partners in both the public and private sectors based on the principles of effective management linking with local health
insurance fund plans and related agencies resulting in a concrete performance with a systematic driving mechanism. The results of satisfaction assessment of the people towards the charter found that satisfaction was at the high to highest level.


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