Local Views about Community Health Management

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Winai Thongtup


This research had the objective to study a model of health system management in a local community setting. This study also provides guidelines for developing a model of health system management. The guidelines have two dimensions: Readiness of the host organization, including attitudes and capacity of managers, management structure, responsible agency, and readiness of budget. Data we collected by interview with members of the administrative board of the PralapTambon Municipality, staff of the local Tambon Health Promotion Hospital, The Group of community leaders and representatives of local households.
This study found that: the administrative board members had favorable attitudes toward a community model approach to system management, rather than a village model. There should be indigenous leaders from the locality to serve as the key peer leaders in health system management. The Pralap Municipality and Hospital are the key agencies for technical and budget support. The community resident data collection found that there was favorable attitude and motivation to explore a model of health system management in the local setting. There was eagerness to participate. Two models were proposed: a common model to be applied in all target communities, and a locally-tailored model for each community.


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