The Ethics: The Gratefulness for a Previous Benefactor

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Phra Thossathep Dhasadhammo (Wanichat)
Chakkapan Wongpornpawan
Phra Rajpariyativimol
Prapas Kaewketpong
Phramaha Sakol Subharamedhi


This article will purpose to present for the relation between principle of Grateful and the one who reciprocates the done favour. A person in social who will practice each other, include the standards of the Judgment of moral reason and reason of practice follow theory of Consciousness, that have the concept which person has induced to practice already, that will advantage the good way of life in the social and will cause the executor receives the result of merit in this world and the next world and happy both of secular advantage and religious.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)