Development of a Problem-solving Model of Local Community with the Principle of In Buddhism Integrated

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Nathapongthat Kurathamma


This research has the following objectives:1) study the principles of the principles of integrated Buddhism to be used in the community development process; 2) to strengthen the local community for the development of knowledge; 3)To synthesize knowledge, problem-solving style of local community with the principles of integrated Buddhism. Data analysis the lesson learned from the seminar, the observation record. Recording, recording and video recording by way of depiction. 
The research found that:
1. Principles of Buddhism that are used in the community development process are: 1) Asigmatic7 and 2) Good governance in good governance.
2. Strengthen the local community and synthesize knowledge development. Problem solving skills in Buddhism. Community researchers as well as faculty members are learning and exchanging. Comment find a solution to each problem in each community and help analyze the appropriate principles in each area of ​​the problem as a mental anchor or as a direct supervisor in the practice of daily living. The result is a peaceful society not chaos. Give courtesy maintaining a healthy community environment.
3. Principles used to solve the problem include: 1) good luck 5, 2) precept 5, 3) berm of objects 4 and 4) blessed 4
4. Change in the community to improve knowledge, awareness, skills in implementing the principles of Buddhism in the community to adapt to solve problems.


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