People's Development Rights under the Special Economic Zone: Case Study of Special Economic Zone Mukdahan

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Phramaha Thainoi Salangsing
Piyaluk Potiwan
Pattakorn Sasanasupin


This research aims to study the development rights of people under the special economic zone policy Mukdahan province, to study the movement of people's rights under the policy of Mukdahan Special Economic Zone, to study the causal factors affecting the development rights of people under Mukdahan Special Economic Zone. Qualitative research the informant population was the key informants, consisting of the population, Buddhist monks, small entrepreneurs, who suffered, community leaders and headman 29 people. There informants were used to check the information provided by the main contributors, i.e. expert groups, academic group relevant government sectors, and the network of 20 people, data collection In-depth interviews were used as a tool to collect data.
The research found that: development of people under the Special Economic Zone Mukdahan Province consists of the development right of the people. Rights, participation, resource management, and legal rights of the people. Mukdahan Special Economic-Development Zone (MJPP) consists of public movement and government acceptance. The movement of people's expectations and development. Resource management movement and the claim movement. And the causes that affect the development rights of people under the policy of Special Economic Zone Mukdahan. The cause was the condition that affects the status of the people's development rights. The cause of people wants to participate in the development of Mukdahan Special Economic Zone because by special economic policies that affect development rights and the cause of the people's development rights claim.


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