The Planning Skill Development of School Principals Through Golf Activities

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Phaiboon Surarak


The objectives of this study were 1) to study the components of planning skill; 2) to develop a golf training curriculum for planning skill development of school directors and 3) to study the effectiveness of the developed curriculum. The study was divided into 3 phases. The research conceptual framework was built in the first phase by 1) studying relevant documents and researches on the components of planning process 2) conducting an interview with 12 experts and professional golfers on the approaches in building a golf training curriculum and on the components in golfing strategy and tactics. The golf training curriculum was built in the second phase and the evaluation of the developed curriculum was carried out in the third phase by 1) conducting an expert group discussion by 5 experts to evaluate the appropriateness and congruence of the developed curriculum 2) running an experimental implementation of the developed curriculum with a small group of 2 persons and a larger group of 5 persons to determine the effectiveness of the developed curriculum and 3) improving the developed curriculum as well as related documents.
The findings are as follows:
1. Planning skill of school directors comprises 6 components, which are 1) objectives setting; 2) presumption or prediction setting; 3) resource inventory; 4) choices consideration and determination; 5) operational plan setting and implementation and 6) evaluation of operational plan implementation.
The developed golf training curriculum for planning skill development of school directors comprises 3 components, namely 1) rationale; 2) curriculum objectives and 3) training unit and training topics. The structure of the training curriculum consists of 6 units. Each unit consists of behavioural objectives, training content, instructional media, training activities and process and training result evaluation. The evaluation by experts shows that the developed training curriculum has the congruence at a high level with IOC between 0.60 - 1.00 and the appropriateness at a high level with ( gif.latex?\bar{x} = 4.45).
3. On the effectiveness of the developed curriculum, it is found that the participating school directors has a higher knowledge and understanding on planning skill after the training than before the training with a statistical significance at .05 level and shows the effectiveness index (E.I) at 0.70.


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