Beliefs in the Saendonta Tradition of Buriram Province

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Phrakru Ratanayanasophit (Boonlert Ratanayano/Soda)
Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo


This article aims to propose the beliefs in the Saendonta tradition of Buriram province. Which found that Saendonta. A tradition of ancestor worship Khmer Ram. A ceremony to commemorate ancestors the apology Malabar blamed each other for the reunification celebration of life and the farming community who are living together happily. Traditions Saendonta of Buriram Province of alberta is divided into two phases.
Session 1 bentud (Sart small) the jensen family pay respect to the ghost first action today. The relatives of the family, and the villagers others. Offering food to me every day, the lack thereof.
Session 2 benthom (Sart big) Ranged philanthropy to ancestral spirits and 7 days, starting with the ceremony, according to various temples devoted to philanthropy to ancestral spirits.
The purpose of the ceremony Sandy Saendonta is to show gratitude. To dedicate the merit to the jinn. In order to express my regret dependents or relatives who have passed away. To anchor the mind.


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