The King’s Philosophy with the Self-reliant

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Phrakhru Wibunsilaprot (Sommai Arsapo/Nonnoy)
Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo


This article has studied the science about the King and self-reliance. Cardinal health is the science that makes people happy, Thailand and morality. By teaching people to live happily enough in a world very happy. Cardinal health the pair remain in Thailand that covers the “royal” is a concept and philosophy. “His Majesty” is preaching caution to consciousness “Royal” is the shape and “royal Hriiwatr” of King USA Cummins Navy King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama 9 through 70 years ago is. the entire population of Thailand Has adopted a positive role model to behave. Self-reliance is the ability to define their own lives and self-help as much as I have. And to reduce dependence on external aspects of the 5 areas: 1) technology, 2) economics, 3) environment and natural resources, 4) the psychological 5) the social and cultural.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)