Emmanuel Kant’s Ethics: The Duties performance between Previous benefactor and Gratefulness

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Phra Thossathep Dhasadhamamo (Wanichat)
Chakkapan Wongpornpawan
Phraraj Pariyativimol
Prapas Kaeaketpong
Phramaha Sakol Subharamedhi


This article has the objective for presents the Duty performance of each character in the position a previous benefactor person that is the father mother and the teacher and the position Gratefulness person that is the children and a student. that performance cause of morality and relationship between parents’ duty performance with the children, between the children’s duty performance with the parent, between the teacher’s duty performance with a student, and between a student’s duty performance with the teacher, follow theory ethics idea of Emmanuel Kant.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)