Risk Management of Buddhism and Culture of Phrae Buddhist Organization

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Phrakru Kositsanghapitak (Prawet Tathan)


This research aims to: 1) study the Buddhist and cultural risks; 2) to study the risk management of Buddhism and the culture of Buddhist organizations in Phrae Province; and 3) to analyze and propose strategies for managing the Buddhist and cultural risks of Buddhist organizations in Phrae Province. The research methodology is a qualitative research. The research methodology is a qualitative by studying the concept and theory of risk, the current risk management, the same theory and the management of risk in accordance with Buddhist principles. In addition, it will study the risk of Buddhism and culture from the Buddhist organizations in Phrae Province based on data corrected by in-depth interviews with totally 80 persons.
The results are found that:
1. The risks in Buddhism and Culture in Phrae Province are caused by both the internal and external factors. It is a very risky situation. This implies the highly need of the risk management to reduce the critical effect that will occur in the future.
2. There was no any cooperating clue of risk management between Buddhist organizations in Phrae Province or there was no any a formal plan or policy in risk management to promote and preserve Buddhism and culture. Only risk management was found in each the enterprise level that will not systematic link the policy of risk management that leads to the plan implementation.
3. On the analysis and guideline of strategies in the managing the Buddhistic and cultural risks of Phrae Buddhist organizations, the cooperated mission was found in 2 aspects: 1) on Buddhism and 2) on the Culture. From this cooperated mission will lead to the formulating strategies in two areas: Strategy 1: to build the stability of Buddhism and local culture in Phrae Province. Strategy 2: to build a risk management system for Buddhism and culture of Phrae Buddhist organizations. That is to say, each strategy must aim to 3 of achieving goals, risk management, cooperate culture and Buddhism in the province as Stable Buddhism, Preserved Culture, Peacefully Society.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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