The Performance Management for Successful Performance Commitment

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Supisara Buangam


Performance Management is the process of creating a work environment that is conducive to the performance of the workforce. The goal is to increase productivity and performance, and to clarify performance by aligning with organizational goals. The definition and meaning of the performance management process. It can be seen that the performance management system. Focus on all relevant processes that are consistent and consistent. It does not focus solely on performance evaluation or performance measurement. At the end only From the operational planning. Performance Development Performance monitoring and performance appraisal.
Performance Management, if implemented seriously and continuously, will lead to the achievement of the performance of the efficiency, the effectiveness of the performance increase. The performance of people in the organization is clear and in the same direction. Communicate within the organization in all directions. Development of performance. Transparent performance measurement In addition, the results of the performance appraisal can also be used in other management tasks.


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