Preparedness for the Civil States in Anti-drug Preparations: Case study of Puranawat Community at Taweewattana District in Bangkok

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Prakan Gerdmeesuk


The purposes of this research were to study the preparation for the civil states in anti-drug campaign: a case study of Wat Puranawat Community in Taweewattana District, Bangkok Metropolis and find out a way to prepare for the civil states anti-drug campaign in the community. The sample used in this research were 36 stakeholders working for Wat Puranawat Community. By means of document analysis, the researcher collected the data concerned with the community’s background. The collected data were divided into 2 parts: part 1 was a questionnaire asking for general information of the sample and part 2 the data were collected using a data record, interview, participatory observation form and non-participatory observation form. The researcher analyzed the data by using interviews, observations and subgroup conversations. Then the data were analyzed, summarized and discussed by finding the traits of issues. Moreover, the researcher classified main events and separated them into issues according to the research objectives. Finally, the research results were presented using analytical description.
The research findings were as follows:
1.The community cooperated with government officials in charge having a mutual agreement to make a plan and translate the policy to practice for preventive measure and build relationships within the community to create power to combat narcotics trafficking – anti-narcotics plan and solving drug abuse in the community. The main goal was to prevent the community members from getting involved in narcotics as well as inviting guest speakers providing legal knowledge for the community members, supplying agencies to keep the community informed of the danger of narcotics and narcotics suppression agency. At this point, the community were afraid of partaking in wrong doing which led to the reduction of drug abuse.
2. The approach to preparation for anti-narcotics campaign of the Wat Puranawas Community was to having the family taking care of each other and giving a chance to drug addicts. Furthermore, the community performed activities to create income for the community members. The community had to keep the community members informed, organizing workshops dealing with drug dangers and penalty determined by the laws. Besides, employment should be provided for the community by making use of local wisdom in order to enhance the community’s income and benefits.


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