Sammaditthi to Build up the Peace in Societies

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Phrakhru Sumetthammakit Titamedho (Kudsombutti)
Phramaha Mit Thitapanyo (Wanyao)
Theerapong Meethaisong


This article is a presentation Sammaditthi. As a means to create peace, as a tool to create peace is the principle of peace in life. It has a direct effect on the perception of people at the social level and the peaceful society. Other principles related to samatha. It can bring true principles. There are reasons to think carefully. Economic, political, social, environmental and other issues. At the same time, it is good to meditate on the good news. And the results of the practice. It is bringing peace to the Thai society. It will lead to the destination. To spread peace. Peace from person to society To create peace in Thai society sustainably. Problems arising from the content of the law have harmed the innocent monks and some law enforcement has created obstacles to the propagation of Buddhism. And the status of the Thai Buddhist monks, which may affect the stability of Buddhism in the future.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)