Learning Management in 21st Century: Theory toward Implementation

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Rapeepat Hansopa
Phramaha Suphachai Subhakicco
Prayuth Chusorn
Sutthipong Sonsuwan
Montakarn Bungsane


Learning skills in the 21st century to develop learners' skills in the 21st century, including. 1) Communication, Information, and Media Literacy 2) Critical Thinking Skills 3) Creativity and Innovation 4) Collaboration, Teamwork, and Leadership 5) Creative Problem Solving 6) Computing and Media Literacy 7) Writing, Typing 8) Reading, Listening 9) Arithmetic 10) Question 11) Social learning 12) Cross-cultural Understanding 13) Career and Life Skills 14) Cognitive load management 15) Reasoning Ability 16) Authentic Learning 17) Mental model building 18) Transformative Learning and 19) Morality and ethics, which learning management for teachers today is necessary to study in-depth understanding of content, concepts and theories about learning skills in the 21st century that will affect the development of learning processes that appropriate Hyperlink Perform a variety of activities Lead to the creation of a quality learning network Learning and teaching management that requires students to be centered. A comprehensive evaluation of course content in an interdisciplinary manner Consistency with different school contexts by focusing on the students involved including the use of modern technology media as a tool for learning management to achieve tangible results.


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