The Prevention and Reduction of Disabilities in Chronic Disease Patients by Herbal Tea Wisdom Innovation in Buddhism Way

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Thaksina Krairach
Phramaha Yothin Yodhiko


This research of objective to: 1) to study components and herbal tea wisdom innovation properties, both scientific and traditional methods, 2) to develop the use of herbal tea wisdom innovation, 3) analyze results of using innovative herbal tea to reduce and prevent disabilities among chronic diseases patients. The researchers selected Maha Sarakham Province as the research area, and selected patients with more than 3 years of diabetes, with complications, such as hypertension, diabetic eye disease, cerebral stroke, coronary artery disease and diabetic kidney disease. This five complication groups are 60 patients. Data were collected by participatory observation, in-depth interview, laboratory test, and analyse data by content analysis method.
The result is herbs that: have properties for solving problems of blood and blood vessels, which is a major cause of diabetes and complications, are Melientha suavis Pierre., rattan and Cinnamomum porrectum (Roxb.) Kosterm, so use all parts of them and some more herbs to develop and produce the innovative herbal tea. Production process begins with dry the herbs, make them smaller, then crush them into powder, and pack mixed herb powder in white tea bags. Brought the tea to sample group for 3 months, drink the tea 3 times a day, and brought Buddhism principles to apply the operation. In the first month, all patients feel lighter. All patients’ laboratory results are gradually decreasing. After they drinking the tea for 3 months, all patients’ results of blood sugar level, HbA1c, cholesterol level and bad fats level are reduced to normal, and good fats level is increased. In cases with kidney disease, waste in body is reduced, kidney filter are improved, dialysis is not needed anymore and general symptoms improved, hand and foot numbness disappeared, dizziness disappeared, eyes can see more clearly, speaks faster and more clearly than before, better balance, chest pain abated, can sleep normally, breathe easier, the urine is clearer and urine bubbles are disappeared, swellings are reduced. They are also get their strength back and have less fatigue. Their liver values are normal, so the tea has no any bad effect to liver.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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