A Study of Model Development for the Promotion of Morals and Ethics in Organizations

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Makarapan Jutarosaga
Sukjai Charoensuk


This research aimed to study a model development to promote moral and This research aimed to study a model development to promote moral and ethics in organizations using a mixed method. The study composed of 3 phases: Phase 1 documentary analysis; Phase 2 study of situation, learning process, and related factors in real situations; Phase 3 synthesize a model to promote moral and ethics in organizations. Data were collected using document, in-depth interview, focus groups, and questionnaire. Quantitative data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. Qualitative data were analyzed by content analysis. 
Results revealed that: the model to promote moral and ethics in organizations composes of a structural model and a processing model. The structural model is comprised of 6 components including 1) development of moral and ethical policy in the organization, 2) make a clear understanding about the policy, 3) lesson learned from sharing authentic experiences, 4) implementation of the policy based on the social context, 5) quality assessment of the moral and ethical promotion in the organization, and 6) network extension in the organization and outside. The processing model is comprised of 6 steps, including 1) sharing of the ethical policy, 2) making a clear understanding and good attitude to the policy, 3) sharing with their professional learning community (PLC), 4) drive learning processfor a moral organization development using champions from PLC, 5) evaluating using reflection, team working, lesson learned, multi assessors, multi methods, and 6) sharing experiences.


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