The Educational Supervision Guideline for Community Sanitation Using School Based Management on Liver Fluke Prevention for Risky Groups in Khonkaen

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Jirawat Waroonroj
Sumrej Yurachai
Suntorn Chamarat


The objectives of this research were to study the situation of liver fluke The objectives of this research were to study the situation of liver fluke prevention and develop the educational supervision guideline in liver fluke prevention for the Teachers in risky communities. The study was divided into 4 stages, setting the conceptual flame work, making the guideline of supervision, confirming the guideline and making a conclusion. The samples used in this research composed of 250 persons, school administrators, teachers and school board members. The samples were randomized from schools in risky communities of Chonabot, Munjarkeeree and Banpai district. The research tool was a 3 parts questionnaire, part 1 for common data, part 2 for supervision situation data and the last one was open ended questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis included the Percentage, Mean and Standard Deviation. The findings of the research were as follows: 1. The situation of educational supervision in liver fluke prevention for risky communities, found that by overall was in “high level”. Considering each aspect, found that the aspect of in school supervision was in “middle level” but for the 4 rest aspects, supervision planning outside school supervision, supervision assessment and enhancing awareness were in “high level”. 2. The developed guideline for community sanitation on liver fluke prevention supervision composed of 5 parts, part 1 supervision planning. part 2 supervision in school. part 3, The outside school supervision consisted. part 4, Assessment of supervision guideline. part 5, Enhancing the awareness of liver fluke prevention.


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