Tai Khao in Vietnam: The Correlation of Tai Identity

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Bhob Sawasdee


This paper aims to study survey documents and researches about Tai Khao for consider the joint identities of Tai ethnic group. The results are Tai Khao or Tai Junk or Tai Don is a Tai ethnic group. The settlements of this ethnic group are the northern part of Vietnam and the southern part of China. Tai Khao people have many ways of life and cultures which are similar to other Tai ethnic groups, but they have some different identities such as the characters of language and alphabet which are similar to the Tai Siamese alphabet, but the writing system which influenced by Vietnamese and English is different from Tai Siamese. In addition, Tai Khao is an Animism group from pay respect to the ghosts, and cremation with burial because they are very little influenced by Buddhism when compared to other Tai ethnic groups.


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