Good Governance of Thai Local Governments

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Sompop Rangubtook
Panya Klaydesh


Academic articles on good governance in Thai local governments. The concept of good governance in Thai local government and for understanding that. Therefore, we have introduced knowledge about Thai local government. The main good governance and good governance in local Thai government organizations. This good governance is enshrined in the constitution of The Kingdom of Thailand in 1997, 2007 and 2017. The methodology is provided to the government agencies as well as local government organizations, which are the same government agencies. Comply with the royal decree on Good Corporate Governance in 2003 are the rule of law, morality, principle of transparency. Principles of participation aaccountability and the main value. Governance in Thai local government is the benefit for Thai people. But it also has the duty of the local administration and Thailand is no good governance frequently. The purpose are to have an understanding of good governance and a better understanding of Thai local government by using the study document then analyze the content in order to know the principles of good governance in local Thai organizations.          
The results showed that: 1) Accountability, transparency and corruption reduction. It is important to be efficient in using the resources of local government organizations to satisfy people’s demand. 2) Law and Justice help promoting local rule by the rule of law. 3) Public participation contributes to equal distribution of benefits from local development.


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