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Author Guidelines

The Journal of the Siam Society welcomes original articles and reviews of a scholarly nature in conformity with the principles and objectives of the Siam Society.

The editorial process at JSS is personal rather than electronic. Authors may submit their manuscripts through All contributions should be sent as attached files in Microsoft Word, preferably using 12-point Times New Roman font.

Original articles should be primarily in English, and must be accompanied by a ten-line abstract and a five-line biographical note about the author(s).

Articles should not normally exceed 8,000 words including notes and bibliography. References and bibliographical entries should follow modern academic practices appropriate to the field in which the article is written.

Images, maps, and other graphic material should be sent as separate files.

JSS does not enforce a house style. Authors may use any recognized system for spelling, punctuation, footnoting, and bibliography, as long as it is consistently applied and reader-friendly.

Reviews should not normally exceed 2,000 words. The editors commission book reviews, and do not usually accept unsolicited reviews. Authors who intend to submit an unsolicited review should consult the editors first. In cases where the author of a book wishes to submit a reply to a review, the editors will consider whether the reply advances the cause of knowledge and is of interest to the readership before deciding whether to publish the reply.

Proofs. Authors are expected to proof-read their own submissions. On publication, they will be supplied with a pdf based on the final printer’s proof. JSS no longer provides off-prints.

Peer-review. The editorial team will make an initial assessment of the manuscript. Those considered of promise will be sent to at least two peer-reviewers. For the peer review, JSS enjoys the cooperation of leading authorities in a wide range of academic fields. The peer review process is completely confidential. The names of authors are not disclosed to the reviewers, and vice versa.

Disclaimer and resolution of conflict. The opinions expressed in the JSS are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Siam Society. The editor’s decision is final.

Fees. There are no author fees for all types of contributions in this journal.