The Condition and Problems of Information Systems Security of Public Universities' Libraries

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Wawta Techataweewan


The library is responsible for storing and providing information which is an important asset. Therefore, data security is a library mission. The purpose of this research was to study the condition and problems of information security systems according to "Government Information Security Policy and Practice Guidelines 2010" of academic libraries using qualitative research methods Data were collected using interview forms from 11 key informants related to the information systems of seven academic libraries selected by specific sampling method. The result of the research shows that the public university libraries focus on the security of information systems by following the 11 policies and guidelines that have a variety of perceptions and operations, depending on the management and resources, both manpower and Budget. The encountered problems of this mission are the use of robotics software and illegal software, unstable electrical systems, risk of violating personal information, and budget shortage. The results of this research will be used to create research tools for the next phase of research.


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