Added Value of Household Waste: Jackfruit Seeds

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Wiworn Wong-arun


This participatory action research (PAR) that emphasized participation and action of Nhong Plai Tang community in Sam Roi Yod, Prachuap Khiri Khan was conducted to study the added value of 20 food products processing from the household waste of jackfruit seeds. Those products were assessed the food quality with sensory organs using the preference for food test 9-Point Hedonic Scale.  The satisfaction of food products questionnaire were employed to 1,000 samples which were convenience sampling as the research instrument.  Percentage, mean, and standard deviation including one sampling t-test were used to analyze and determine whether the sample mean was statistically different at 0.05 p-values.

            The results of this study showed that the 20 food products which used jackfruit seeds as substitute for other ingredients had and average of 10.50 Bath lower production cost when compared between the costs of original recipes and the jackfruit-substituted recipe. The substitution added value to the jackfruit seeds, which otherwise would be discarded as food waste. The product that determined the most value-added was preserved jackfruit seeds (Med Khanoon Choeam) (59.07 percent) while Khanom Co determined the least value-added (1.92 percent). According to 1,000 consumers’ satisfaction of those products, it is indicated that the consumers expressed high to very high satisfaction with the products’ look, color, smell and taste ( = 3.66-4.80). Additionally, the 5th Thai desserts made from jackfruit seeds consumers most preference were Khanom Mho Kaeng, Khanom Kai Hong, Steam Buns and Khanom Thien, Soy Milk, and Khanom Co, respectively. 95.30 percent of the consumers accepted the products made from jackfruit seeds due to theirs delicious taste. 80 percent of the consumers will definitely buy the products at weekend markets and/or night markets whenever the products are distributed.


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Wiworn Wong-arun

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Industry Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin


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