The Best Practices in Administration of Local Health Insurance Fund Mueang District Area, Chiang Mai Province

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Oranee Chaiyajit


The  purposes of this investigation were to examine the best practices and the participation in the management local health insurance fund mueang district area, Chiang Mai province. The areas of research were the Thasala  local health insurance fund and  Padad local health insurance fund. These educational research by qualitative approach by based on the phenomenology. The qualitative research methods, collected data from 1)study of documents and related theories  2)in-depth interviews with 46 people directly related to executive committee fund 3)participant observation and daily record. The analysis concluded that, by relying on the interpretation of those studies and according to the findings, questions to associated with concepts and related theories.

              The results revealed that the best practices in managing primary health insurance fund at the local level are created from the significant factors include policy and vision of the leadership, the participation of the citizens in the area to join in the innovative collaborate with the fund about the health problems and the follow evaluation of the project, the strength of the fund and the parties in the network that had the potential to follow the correct guidelines which have become the best practices. The most importantly, there were the healthcare personnel, which have dedicated expertise and knowledge in research fund. And, there were the volunteer group in the community that sacrifices to work for society. The participation of the board in administration have found that there were 4 factions include 1) participation in planning and decision making. 2) participation in the process of the project. 3) participation in the benefit and 4) participation in the follow-up.


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Oranee Chaiyajit

Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration, Chiang Mai University


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