The Concept and Practices of Mahayana Buddhist Vegetarianism in Vietnamese Society

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Ngo Dinh Bao Hiep
Sanu Mahathanadull


The objectives of this paper are 1) to study the concept of vegetarianism in
Mahayana Buddhist canon; 2) to study the concept and practice of Mahayana Buddhist
Vegetarianism in Vietnamese society and 3) to analyze the roles of Mahayana Buddhist
vegetarian in Vietnamese society. This qualitative study rotate issue on the concept and
the practice of Mahayana Buddhist Vegetarianism in Vietnam society.
The study is also found that it is not necessary for one to be a vegetarian in order
to become a Buddhist. Buddhist motivations for abstaining from meat-eating draw from a
wide range of traditions. Theravada tradition emphasizes non-harming, Right Livelihood, and
detachment; Mahayana tradition highlights interdependence, Buddha-nature, and compassion.


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Hiep, N. D. B., & Mahathanadull, S. (2019). The Concept and Practices of Mahayana Buddhist Vegetarianism in Vietnamese Society. The Journal of International Association of Buddhist Universities (JIABU), 12(1), 77–87. Retrieved from
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