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       The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Universities is an academic journal published twice a year (1st  issue January-June, 2nd  issue July-December).  It aims to promote research and disseminate academic and research articles for researchers, academicians, lecturers, and graduate students. The Journal focuses on Buddhism, Sociology, Liberal Arts and Multidisciplinary of Humanities and Social Sciences.  All the articles published are peer-reviewed by at least two experts.

       The articles, submitted for The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Universities, should not be previously published or under consideration of any other journals. The author should carefully follow the submission instructions of The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Universities including the reference style and format.

       Views and opinions expressed in the articles published by The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Universities, are of responsibility by such authors but not the editors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors.



Vol. 12 No. 1 (2019): The Journal of International Association of Buddhist Universities (JIABU)

About this publication of volume 12 No.1 could not have been possible without the persistence, hard work, and dedication of MCU’s scholars, Buddhist’s Scholars worldwide and IBSC staff. Ven. Prof. Dr. Phrarajapariyatkavi and his team supervise communication and collection of the paper. Director of the IABU Secretariat Office, Venerable Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phramaha Hansa Dhammahaso and his team produce a decent format and design. We wish to also thank all members of the Executive Council and the Editorial Committee for their devotion. We are also grateful to our many sponsors of the World Mindfulness Forum during 15 May 2019, the IABU Executive Secretary Venerable Khammai Dhammasami, the academic team of IABU- MCU for their assistance, particularly Ven. Phra Weerasak Jayadhammo for his kind dedication and editing, we would also like to welcome James Featherstone and Samaneri Daria Mikheeva who joined the team for an Internship in Academic Works at JIABU.

Published: 2019-05-15


Weerasak Suwannawong


The Evolution of Early Chinese Buddha Figures

Chang Yuan Zang, Nantakorn Piyabhani, Sanu Mahathanadull


A Buddhist Well-Being Model and Its Contribution to a Society

Chompoonuch Changcharoen, Soontaraporn Techapalokul


Gestalt Interpretation of Ego and Dependent Origination

Pandit Cittasaṃvaro, Phra Rajaparipattimuni


Living Buddha, Living Christ

Ven. PJ Paññādīpa [Kah Poh Tan]


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