Building Sustainable Peace as depicted in Kutadanta Sutta

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Do Le Anh Thi


Human history has recorded the suffering of all sentient beings in wars. Therefore,
Peace is the burning desire of mankind, the virtue of civilization. Buddhism is a religion of
peace. In many Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha pointed the path that leads us to true Peace,
true Happiness. In Kutadanta Sutta, The Buddha guided how to build sustainable peace, from
inner peace to external peace, and finally absolute peace, Nibbana.
From Kutadanta Sutta, we can find ways to transform human suffering in the
present world. People are in need of a spiritual path, that teaching nonviolence, satisfaction,
compassion, generosity, and peace of mind.
This article suggests useful practical techniques to soothe anger, control desire and
create a harmonious relationship. Buddhism teaches us to nurture peace in the heart and
work to relieve the suffering of all people. Peace at the national as well as the global level
is only possible if we apply Buddhism to everyday life.


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