Good Citizenship in the 21st Century Democratic Society

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Winit Pharcharuen


Being a citizen does not mean we should just let things happen to us, gone are
the days when people think in hierarchies; currently, the people of a country think in
networks and expect governments to be another node within that network. This 21st century
is undergoing a far-reaching change. Today, we are understanding what good citizenship
under democracy means while creating new ways to employ it. Therefore, a good citizen
in this democratic society should possess freedom and be able to rely upon themselves.
Moreover, they must use their liberty and rights responsibly, respect the liberty and rights of
others, value the differences, respect equality, obey the rules, do not solve the problems by
using violence, realize that they are part of the society, be responsible for the community
at large, have a public mind and be enthusiastic to take responsibility or be part of social


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