Curriculum Quality Management with Quality Cycle and Four Iddhipadas in the Higher Education Institution

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Aphinant Chantanee


This research aims, to study the importance of quality assurance within the curriculum in higher education institutions, both public and private, to study the qualification cycle of PDCA and the Four Iddhipadas related to quality assurance. Interviews with 36 experts, 400 questionnaires were conducted, the results follow.
The curriculum management shall be carried out in accordance with the standard curriculum. The quality cycle (PDCA). For the exercise of the Four Iddhipadas, Chanda is passionate and eager to do what is good for students. Viriya is patient and persevere. Citta is dedicated to quality management. Vimamsa to improve and further development in the next academic year. Opinions on the quality cycle. Including the high level was high, Planning highest average, Checking was high, Acting was average and Doing was the lowest. The opinions on the Four Iddhipadas, were the high-level average Viriya, had the highest level, Citta was the high level, Vimamsa is the high level, Chanda high-level average.
For the relationship between the opinion on the Quality Cycle and the Four Iddhipadas. By the conclusion, the relationship between the opinions of the sample and the performance of Quality Cycle and Four Iddhipadas are positive correlation were correlatively high levels.


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